Critical notes on the occurrence of Dipcadi montanum (Dalz.) Baker (Hyacinthaceae) in South India by Prabhu Kumar K M 1, Binu Thomas2, V Sreeraj2, Indira Balachandran1 and A Rajendran2- Science Research Reporter, 3(2): 120-123, Oct. 2013-
In India the genus is represented by ten species including four varieties. They are
D. concanense (Dalz.) Baker;
D. erythraeum Webb & Berth;
D. goaense A. Prabhugaonkar, U. S. Yadav & Janarth.;
D. maharshtrensis Deb et Dasgupta;
D. minor Hook. f.;
D. montaum (Dalz.) Baker var. montanum;
D. montaum (Dalz.) Baker var. madrasicum (Barnes & Fischer) Deb et Dasgupta;
D. reidii Deb et Dasgupta;
D. saxorum Blatt.;
D. serotinum (L.) Medik.;
D. ursulae Blatt. var. ursulae and
D. ursulae Blatt. var. longiracemosaei Deb et Dasgupta,
of which seven species are present in Maharashtra (Ashish Prabhugaonkar et al., 2009; Lakshminarasimhan, 2006) and only two taxa are present in South India viz. Dipcadi montaum (Dalz.) Baker var. montanum and D. montaum var. madrasicum (Barnes & Fischer) Deb et Dasgupta (Sharma et al., 1984; Deb and Dasgupta, 1978) 

Dipcadi montanum (Dalz.) Baker var. madrasicum (Barnes & Fischer) Deb & DasguptaHerbDry Evergreen to Moist Deciduous ForestsFlora of Tamil Nadu, VOL. III, 1989Coimbatore,  Dindigul,  Kancheepuram, Tirunelveli

Botanical nameSynonymsFamilyCommon name
Dipcadi concanense Ornithogalum concanense, Uropetalon concanense Asparagaceae Konkan Dipcadi
Dipcadi goaense Asparagaceae Goa Dipcadi
Dipcadi ursulae Ornithogalum ursulae, Dipcadi ursulae var. ursulae Asparagaceae Ursula's Dipcadi

1997 IUCN Red List of Threatened Plants edited by Kerry Scott Walter, Harriet J. Gillett
Dipcadi concanense- Ex- S.India
Dipcadi minor HOOK.F.- I- Maharastra
Dipcadi reidii Deb & S.Dasgupta- Ex- W.Himalayas
Dipcadi saxorum- V- Maharastra

An Excursion Flora of Central Tamilnadu, India By K. M. Matthew (1995)- Details-
Biodiversity in India, Volume 2 edited by T. Pullaiah (2003)- p.50-

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