Chlorophytum species- Amboli, Maharastra
Request for ID – 090910SC1. Is this Peristylus plantagineus ? : Attachments (2). 10 posts by 7 authors.
Posting a photo for Id of flower.Sorry for the quality as it was very foggy atmosphere while clicking the photo
Can anyone help me in identifying this flower?Is this Peristylus plantagineus ?
Date / Time – 21st Aug. 2010 / 06.00 pm.
Location – Place /Altitude / GPS – Kavalesad Point,Amboli
Habitat – Garden/ Urban/ Wild / Type – Wild
Plant Habit – Tree/Shrub / Climber /Herb – Herb
I think you are correct, the plant is indeed. Peristylus goodyeroides (D. Don) Lindl.
I think both of the above are absolutely wrong indeed.
Can anyone think of a Chlorophytum with long inflorescence in Maharastra? Those yellow things near the mouth of buds seems to me like anthers. So this cant be an Orchid at all. Even leaves doesnt point towards any of the Peristylus known to me. P. goodyeroides is absolutely ruled out. P. plantagineus, the colour doesnt match at all.

Can you check if this is some Polygonum?
This would be Chlorophytum glaucum or C. glaucoides. More likely to be the latter looking at the tip of raceme.
it is a species of Chlorophytum. It is not C.borivillianum, it is not C. tuberosum, Not C.laxum, It may be C.arundinaceum. But the distribution may not match for this species.