Aspidistra elatior (Introduced)

Aspidistra elatior Blume, Tijdschr. Natuurl. Gesch. Physiol. 1: 76 1834. (syn: Aspidistra insularis Tillich; Aspidistra punctata var. albomaculata Hook.; Aspidistra variegata (Link) Regel; Plectogyne variegata Link);   

Native to: Japan; Introduced into: Alabama, China South-Central, China Southeast, Florida, Great Britain, Korea, Mexico Central, Mexico Gulf, Mexico Northeast, Mexico Southwest, Taiwan as per POWO;

Alabama; China South-Central; China Southeast; Florida; Japan; Korea; Mexico Central; Mexico Gulf; Mexico Northeast; Mexico Southwest; Taiwan as per Catalogue of Life;
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  • Date: Last week of July, 2019
  • Elevation: 1400 masl
  • Habit: Cultivated
  • Location: Bagmati Province, Central Nepal
  • Grown as evergreen leafy herbs

Grown as evergreen leafy plant mostly indoor.
Can it be from Liliaceae..??
Looks like Cast-iron plantAspidistra sps.(Aspidistra elatior ?)