Livistona rotundifolia ?

Livistona rotundifolia ?;
Seen at a plant nursery in Nasik.
Potted, ornamental palm.
Perhaps Livistona rotundifolia

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This palm (two specimens) are growing in my society at Andheri. It is fruiting. Fruits are green almost size of jamun.
Pl. check at comparative images in efi site at Arecaceae
This is the Page link: Arecaceae
I think it is Livistona rotundifolia? Kindly confirm it.
On checking with keys at Livistona, I am unable to decide

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Please help me identify this palm fruiting in my society. There are two specimens. Photos taken today are attached

Pl. Check with comparative images at Arecaceae

I think it is the same palm as in another thread.