Araucaria columnaris ?- Panipat

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This is also very commonly planted gymnosperm..
wanted to know if species can be determined from these pics..
I have never seen any male cones on these trees but have observed female cones on huge tree at Kurukshetra University.. do not presently have pics..
Present pics are recorded from Panipat and belong to small potted trees..
Is this Araucaria columnaris ??
I thought of Araucaria heterophylla.
Pl. see:
Trees of Delhi: A Field Guide By Pradip Krishen (2006- Identifying Delhi's Christmas tree- Araucaria columnaris & not Araucaria heterophylla).
As per this it may be  Araucaria columnaris & not Araucaria heterophylla.
Adult leaves less than 4mm long: A. columnaris
Adult leaves more than 4mm long: A. heterophylla