Schefflera species- Pookode lake, Wayanad, Karnataka

Pookode Lake  Wayanad
Date: November 13, 2019 ... Altitude: about 770 m (2,530 ft) asl
... buttress rooted tree  
Dear friends,
A massive tree, with whorled leaves, hopefully sufficient to recognize. The local folks said it is rudraksha tree, but I do not think so.
Leaves are of Schefflera, the tree is probably some other species 
Trunk reminds me of Ficus drupacea I saw at Periyar Tiger Reserve. In Munnar I saw Scheflera species liana creating confusion as to which leaves were of the host tree !!! 
buttress could be many things including Pachira sp
yes, there are several possibilities, so avoiding labelling any name for the tree.
thats the best way
Buttress seems to be that of Tetrameles nudiflora which is quite common in Pookode region of Wayanad. The leaves seem to be of Schefflera, probably straggling on the giant tree.
The tree could be very much Elaeocarpus tuberculatus. The white blotches on bark and the local name suggests so. The leaves seen might be Ficus sp. or Schefflera
Thanks very much … for the most possible ID.
The local folks had said the tree was rudraksha.