Schefflera species


Revisiting Schefflera sp. 130311GS1 for ID from Delhi:

This plant was uploaded by me last year, and ... suggested Schefflera venulosa var. roxburghii!searchin/indiantreepix/Schefflera$20$20Gurcharan$20Singh/indiantreepix/lwKXlgdq9kk/y7KR1qcyIyMJ 

The species was described in Flora of British India under Heptapleurum venulosum, now placed under Schefflera with three accepted names, and our plant (as also one on Flowers of India as Schefflera elliptica) could belong to any of these three: Schefflera elliptica (Blume) Harms, Schefflera pubigera (syn: S. bengalensis Gamble) or S. roxburghii (S. venulosa var. roxburghii (Gamble) K K Khanna). Can any member help me with differences in these three species, and fix identity of this plant.

Request Tree ID 50 - Bangalore - RA:

Indiranagar, Bangalore

About to bloom

Better picture of the flower.
I am not sure if it blossom more.
Looks like a Schefflera species, possibly S. arboricola.