Schefflera pubigera

Assam; Bangladesh; China South-Central; East Himalaya; Mauritius; Nepal; Runion; West Himalaya; Windward Is. as per Catalogue of Life;
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Habitat: Hill slope 
Location: Sangu Matamuri Wildlife Sanctuary, Bandarban 
Picture taken: February, 2019

Looks like Schefflera sp.
Schefflera elliptica ???
It is shrub or small tree near a hill stream 
Also could not find a match as per comparative images at Schefflera
What are the other species found in your area ?
if the flower buds are from the same tree), it reminds me of Tupidanthus calyptratus, or Mallet Flower.
its a schefflera of course, but Schefflera pueckleri
… has shown a case  

AND NOW need to follow this with a visit to the tree  and get to see the fruits
Brassaiopsis ??
To me the plant seems to be Schefflera venulosa (KATH-SHIMUL, BAN- SHIMUL)

We have 2 species ...
S bengalensis
S. elliptica
based on the flowers its definitely not schefflera bengalensis. check your pictures. where as schefflera elliptica, its a possibility. you need better, i mean more precise pictures:
as in this page: 
if we in india have Schefflera pueckleri
it can not be NOT in Bangladesh until a few decades ago BD was India, geography has not changed . 
so what publication says Schefflera pueckleri does not exist in BD, i will greatly appreciate reading and saving as new information
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Location Rajnagar Kumarghat Tripura
Kindly identify it

Schefflera sp.

Thanks, ..., for the genus id.
I think close to images at Schefflera pubigera (Brongn. ex Planch.) Frodin as per comparative images at Schefflera