Schefflera arboricola

Images by (Aarti Khale - identified by Ajinkya Gadave) & (Bhagyashri Ranade - identified by Pankaj Kumar), (inserted by Bhagyashri Ranade)

Hawaiian elf schefflera, arboricola tree, dwarf umbrella plant, moondrop;  

Garden Plant for ID : 090511 : AK-3: Taken at a plant nursery in Nasik, Maharashtra on the 28th of Feb,2011.
It was a potted plant. Could it be Schefflera

this is Schefflera arboricola (dwarf umbrella plant)
Schefflera arboricola This is a common house plant 
Plant identification: Kindly help me identify this potted plant in my garden 
Most likely to be normal and variegated form of Schefflera arboricola, family Araliaceae
variegated Scefflera.... and a green regular...
these are very common houseplants....  even in india...
newspapers are for ever writing about these...
in the garden, the regular variety is called the umbrella plant,
Kindly help me to identify this plant. it is a potted plant in my garden
Schefflera arboricola
Common Name: Dwarf Umbrella Tree, Umbrella Tree, Parasol Plant,
Thanks ... for identifying the plant. While surfing about this plant that you identified luckily I found the identification of a similar another plant that I have for years in my garden Brassaia actinophylla -
Queensland Umbrella Tree Araliaceae. It grows very tall and I have to keep trimming it. It has never bloomed though.
It is an evergreen shrub growing to 3-6 m tall, free-standing, or clinging to the trunks of other trees.
The leaves are palmately compound, with 7-9 leaflets, the leaflets 9-20 cm long and 4-10 cm broad (though often smaller in cultivation).
The flowers are produced in a 20 cm panicle of small umbels, each umbel 7-10 mm diameter with 5-10 flowers.
This is an Araliaceae.
Schefflera venulosa I assume. has purple flowers and not yellow
I got flower from one and fruit from another tree.
You are right, I thought the plant is local and not exotic.
The colour of the flowers are not important.
Leaf apex has a pointed apex in venulosa where as it is rounded in arboricola. Venulosa has 5-7 leaflets and arboricola has 7-9.
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Location: Suryabinayak,Bhaktapur, Nepal
Altitude:  5000 ft.
Date: 14 January 2017

It is Schefflera arbiricola, an ornamental plant.
I have also clicked it at YADVINDRA GARDEN, Pinjaur, Haryana, last year
As per link below Schefflera arbiricola is not listed in Nepal. 
As such, I am a bit confused.
If it is the same plant for sure it could be a new species for Nepal. 

I had thought it to be cultivated. Thanks for species ID.
It is from the forest !
Can I firstly advise that members should NOT automatically TRUST the identification of postings on blogs on the internet.  They should be SCEPTICAL.  Few who grow plants are experts on plant identification.
Whether or not the US BlogSpot here has correctly named the plant correctly as Schefflera arboricola (note the correct spelling of the species name), it is UNLIKELY that one can RELIABLY arrive an identification by "matching" a few general images taken in India or Nepal with one or two general images on a web-site.
Schefflera is a VERY large genus and thus will have a number of closely-related species, which will be difficult to tell apart.
S.arboricola is NOT known as a native of Nepal.  THUS, it will ONLY be CULTIVATED or at most NATURALISED in Nepal.  IF, it actually is the proposed species.
IF the plant photographed in Nepal is a genuinely 'wild' specimen (this can be difficult to decide when close to habitation), then it is highly unlikely to be a species known as a native only to Taiwan and Hainan (according to Wiki).
I do not have the time to familiarise myself with the genus Schefflera, so UNLESS we have someone with specialist knowledge of the genus or KNOW about any Scheffleras IMPORTED into Nepal for ornamental merit, then PROBABLE, assuming it does belong to the genus Schefflera, it is LIKELY to be a variant of one of the three species known to occur in Nepal.

Schefflera arboricola AT JAN 2017/09 : 2 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (3)
Dwarf umbrella tree
Schefflera arboricola
(Syn. Heptapleurum arboricolum)
Ornamental: Cultivated garden plant
Habit: Shrub

Place: Yadvindra Garden, Pinjaur, Haryana
Jan., 2016 
Enchanting images, ...

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Location: Kathmandu, Nepal
Date: 5 August  2017
Altitude: 4500 ft.
Schefflera ??