Spathiphyllum species/ hybrids- Pantnagar, Uttarakhand
This Spathiphyllum sp is commonly planted as ornamental in Pantnagar. Please suggest correct ID.
Spathiphyllum- species in India & eFIoraofindia with details & some keys
I have very doubt about how scientific it would be if we do not have KEY as well as we do not know the names of various cultivars. Yet, as I searched for long acuminate leaves + short spadix I came across one wild species - The page gave me clue of two ornametal 1) S. floribundum and 2) S. patinii , both can be found at - Shorter spadix, acuminate leaves with distant nerves take me to Spathiphyllum floribundum (Linden & André) N. E. Br.
I won't be surprised if I am wrong.