Remusatia vivipara ?

Remusatia vivipara ?;

Colocasia For ID : Jim Corbett,Uttarakhand : 180614 : AK-32 : 4 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (1 + 1).
Colocasia seen deep in the moist forest on 20/5/14.
Species id please.
Growing on steep or vertical slope; it may not be Colocasia. May be Remusatia vivipara, reproductive structures required for proper ID.
This was deep inside the moist forest of Durga Devi area on way to Lohachaur.
It was growing along with some ferns which I will be posting.
The shape of the leaves looked a bit different to me, that's why I posted on our group.
Unfortunately, I have only one picture and Colocasia came to my mind.
As you know, you are not allowed to get down. 
I could find one more picture taken at the Corbett Waterfalls.
Hope this helps.