Cryptocoryne species

Cryptocoryne species;

GIB_250812_01_id request: Forwarding the photos of Arola plant from Vembandu lake collected by CERC project assistant Mr.K.M.Puvu.This plant can be seen almost all parts of Vembanadu lake. Only the underground part will survive when salinity increases.
I am forwarding a mail with attachments of pictures of a water plant from Vembanad Lake near Alappuzha.
I was wondering whether this is a species of Echinodorus of Alismataceae family?
I request all my friends in the group to help in iding this plant.
I suggested my student ... to work on some ecological aspects of this plant for her MSc project.
  I dont know much about Echinodorus. For me,it looks like Cryptocorine of Araceae. The gelly like thing could be spawn of some organism which could be interesting.
Could be Cryptocryne and those jelly like things could be algal communities or asexual reproductive phase.
Jelly like substance looks like Snail eggs.