Colocasia species- Kamrup district, Assam
Wild Alocasia sp. 1 (?) from Kamrup district, Assam:
Attached images are Wild Alocasia sp.(?) growing on hilly area near stream. Please ID for it.
Date : 21.12.2012
Location: Kamrup district, Assam
Family : Araceae
Genus & species : Alocasia Sp. (?)
Habitat: Grows wild on hill near stream
Habit :Herb
Flower : Not seen
Fruits :not seen
To me, it is a kind of Colocasia. Although the middle of the leaves are whitish, I think it is Colocasia esculenta.
Almost certainly Colocasia affinis Schott, but as with the Alocasia would need to see an inflorescence (and of course the fertile portions of the spadix), to be certain.
I have forwarded my reply and will forward your original email to ..., the world expert on the genus Colocasia
To me, this looks somewhat like Colocasia fallax in its relatively low- and close-clumping growth habit, and the light blush along the main vein on the upper side of the blade. But the blade colour is a lighter green, and the front lobe of the blade is more elongate, than what I have seen previously in Colocasia fallax. We can be certain this is Colocasia sp., but as ..., says, we need to see the inflorescence to reach any conclusion about species-level identification.
I am currently traveling, but when I return to Japan in early January, I can look at some photos another colleague (archaeologist) in Assam sent me last year. He may have photographed the same or a similar plant.
Thank You very much Sir for ID. The particular species is not in flowering stage now. When flowering begin I will take and send the images of the spadix to you.