Amorphophallus species- Wandoor, Andamans
Amorphophallus, andamans for id. mm2 27 03 2013 :
Amorphophallus, Wandoor, Andamans
on the edge of a forest path
last week of december.
would very much appreciate a identification.
This is an earlier post by ... with some relevant information.
[efloraofindia:60043] Flora of Andaman33- 110111-PKA1
Only 2 Amorphophallus species occur at Andaman: Am. muelleri and Am. longistylus. Because I was unfamiliar with the berries of longistylus I have asked Amorphophallus expert Wilbert Hetterscheid and according
to him the shape of the fruits on the picture is more towards muelleri. As this species is widespread and variable the markings on the stalk are of little help. So not 100% certain but most likely Am. muelleri.