Red leaved aglaonema,Mumbai-P1150171.JPG?part=0.1&view=1&vt=ANaJVrHZE0PdTSUO5bDku_kww6cLqw0mxjKUy45PckAM1xUmf_sXqwzfZhHav8VOuDdry7bsS3kvnb1TZG9XJoRgv6jeLTwUaq6mqQ9KfPVsP5EsFmb6ahA
Ornamental Plant For ID : Flower Show,Mumbai : 220713 : AK-1 : Attachments (1).  3 posts by 2 authors.
An ornamental plant seen at the Flower Show in Mumbai on 25/2/12.
Small, cultivated, potted plant.
red leaved aglaonema. These plant have started coming to shows recently possibly fro Thailand and Indonesia. The red in some are even more pronounced.
Thanks for the id