Aglaonema costatum

Images by Gurcharan Singh (inserted by Bhagyashri Ranade)


Aglaonema brevispathum (Engl.) Engl.
Photographed from Delhi University Flower Show, please validate
I do not know.... yet it does look similar to -
i) cataphyll subtending petiole usually drying-persistent; petiole usually equaling or exceeding blade; leaf-base usually obtuse to subrounded - brevispathum
ii) cataphyll subtending petiole usually immediately deliquescent; petiole usually less than blade length; leaf-base subcordate to rounded - costatum
There is an image titled Aglaonema costatum 'First Diamond' (parent directory - which seems replica of the first pic in this thread. But, who knows if the author is correct or not!
May be you are right ... Thanks for keen investigation.