Wrightia tinctoria ?

Wrightia tinctoria ?;


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This plant was being used in panchpatra kashayam in a village. From my gleanings it loks like Wrightia sp possibly W. antidysentrica. Can some body identify this woody shrub.
By looking at the spent fruits seen in the picture, I guess this to be of Wrightia pubescens. More details may be helpful.
wow where could you see the spent fruits. I did confuse between the two species. Both are hosts to the leaf webber observed in abundance on the plants. The damaged leaves turned a bluish grey. The plants are all in this stage and I could not get any more details. I may visit teh village again so hopefully get flowers etc. Thank you for the ID
Thanks .... Your posts with detailed pictures are very helpful.
I opted the name W. pubescens because Flora of China treats this and W. arborea separately. The latter species is characterized by the fruits with prominent lenticells (white dots on the surface!) which are obvious in the pictures of (fresh) fruits posted by you. I could not see such lenticells from the pictures posted by ... here.
But, I think you are correct by calling the posted plant as W. arborea due to the probable size of the fruits, which are seemingly narrower in W. pubescens.
..., the dried and dehisced fruits (of the previous year) are seen just above the fingers in the 2nd picture.
sorry to say that it doesn't look like Wrightia arborea to me......The leaf shape and numbers of lateral nerves are not typical. In the W. arborea I know there are usually 10 - 12 lateral nerves and the leaves are broader in the middle.
If the leaves are tomentose (not sure from the picture) then could it be S. tinctoria ssp. rothii which has puberulous leaves? Otherwise the shape as well as the old follicles look to me like W. tinctoria.
Re : Woody shrub for Id 10072013CS1:
You could be right, but don't think you can go by the number of lateral veins. Also the fruit look much broader than those of W.tinctoria. Please check the photographs and these links :
Will send photographs of the fruit of W. tinctoria later if required.
Could manage to find only these photographs (3) of the pods of Wrightia tinctoria now.
thanks for your nice photos. This is quite interesting.
Available literature mentions striate follicles for W tinctoria and also for W tinctoria ss. rothii. (as compared with the more lenticelled ones of W. arborea)
In a book by S. G. Neginhal, Forest Trees of the Western Ghats the location given for W. tinctoria ssp. rothii is dry forests of Hyderabad north to the Circars so I don't know if this is where the posted tree was found or not.
As for the leaves, I'm just going on my observations of the trees in question and my herbarium samples. It seems to be a consistent character.
Found a few more photographs and another link :
Though I am enjoying the scintillating discussion on this species, it has made me more confused. The one thing I can do to help is wait to go back again and post more photos of flowers and pods