Tylophora species ?- Lengpui, Mizoram

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Location : Lengpui, Mizoram. Altitude : ca. 400 m. Date : 21-06-2014.
Habit : climber. Habitat : wild
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Do you have close of the flowers etc. ?
No sir. I think i can have after 2-5 days
Same climber for ID(Asclepiadaceae) Tylophora sp. ??. Attachments (4).
Beautiful flowers, I could not help but enhancing one! And this looks like - http://www.flowersofindia.net/catalog/slides/Hairy%20Ipecac.html
It looks like Cosmostigma racemosum (Roxb.) Wt.
It is an Asclepiad but not Cosmostigma racemosum, Any Bidaria sp.?
Pic. of same climber. Attachments (1).
It looks like Brachylepis nervosa W&A,
No. Decalepis nervosa is extremely different.
leaves of same climber. Attachments (1).
Gymnema sylvestre ??
it is not Gymnema sylvestre!!
I may be wrong but I still think of all ID proposed in this thread this one is closer to T. ovata, Description can be found at FoC (leaf base rounded obtuse or cordate in T. hirsuta Wight, FBI.IV.43). Slender, acuminate poniard shaped follicles is another character.