Pachypodium saundersii ?

Pachypodium saundersii ?;
Pachypodium lamerei from Cactus Park Panchkula : 7 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (2)
Pachypodium lamerei from Cactus Park Panchkula
Does not seem to match with images on the net of Pachypodium lamerei Drake 
I seems to be Pachypodium saundersii from South Africa.
Pachypodium lamerei is a quite different species from Madagascar.
Sorry but I doubt that is Pachypodium lamerei possibly P. succulentum though not sure
Not P. lamerei ...,
I tend to agree with François Sampieri in that it looks more like Pachypodium saundersii.  And at that, not a very well grown one.  I was initially thinking something else, but had settled on saundersii when I looked at the rest of the messages. 
P. lamerei are normally tall, usually single stemmed till over 7’ then forms branches, although I have seen some multiple stemmed plants also, but never would have thin branches and pairs of random thorns like this.
I think the one barely seen in the background may be the Pachypodium lamerei.