Hoya polyneura

Hoya polyneura J. D. Hook.;

Tibet, China (NW-Yunnan), India (E-Himalaya, NE-India, Darjeeling), Myanmar [Burma], Bhutan, Sikkim as per Catalogue of Life;

Hoya polyneura Hook.f. : 15 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (4)- around 1700 kb each. 
Location:  Kathmandu, Nepal
Altitude: 1800 m.
Date: August 2019
Habit : Wild
New to Nepal and efi. Appreciate if someone could help with documents relating to its initial description.

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Thanks, Saroj ji, for the beautiful presentation and addition.
What do you mean by Initial description? 
You mean in Fl. Brit. India. 4: 54. 1883 ? I could find it on net at The Flora of British India, Volume 4 By Sir Joseph Dalton Hooker, but could not copy. Pl. check.
I could also find description in Flora of China.
Matches with details at links

Is this a new addition to the efi?

MYHOYA site is wonderful, she has about 400 hoya plants and the Vermont guy, if you see his growing Hoyas ,... one is honoured.
Hoyas are from Himalayas but we never really get houseplants to buy. where as even ebay sells these plants. I need hoya plants ….