Cynanchum callialatum


Images by Satish Phadke (Inserted by J.M.Garg) (For more photos & complete details, click on the links)


Cynanchum callialata: Mulshi near Pune: I found this Asclepiadaceae climber in Sep 2012 on road towards Lavasa.
After carefully observing the pictures I think this is Cynanchum callialata.
Ref FOS By Shrikantji.
Tall climber with opposite leaves. Flowers tiny(Less than a cm) in umbellate cymes.
It was a surprise for me when members visiting VOF were showing different Cynanchum species. I could find this one from Western ghats

Flora Picture of The Year 2012 : Dr. Satish Phadke: Cyananchum callialatum
I get fascinated by the radial symmetry and the geometry present in flowers of most of the species of Asclepiadaceae.
It was a joy for me when I came across this species in Mulshi area on way to Lavasa .
It is a climber with tiny flowers of less than a cm.
I could find the ID from the book Flowers of Sahyadri. I posted the pictures on the group when VOF week was going on in full swing.
On searching the Efloraofindia I was surprised to know that this species was not shared by anybody so far.
I was disappointed that nobody took notice of the post.
Presenting my Flora Picture of The Year 2013.
Cyananchum callialatum
Its very beautiful flora pic of d year n me glad that u found this beauty near Pune area, thanks fo sharing such innovative plant :)
Very very beautiful flora pic, ...
This species seems to very close to Cynanchum tunicatum ... from the descriptions we can gather that C. callialatum has 2-winged follicle while C. tunicatum is not winged. 
Slightly weaker difference is that C. tunicatum is fewer flowered per umbel.
Had a tough time to identify my Cynanchum plant sighted at base of Koraigad on 15 OCT 10 and 06 OCT 12 ... I would perhaps need to post a query for validating ID my plant.
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