Ceropegia sahyadrica

Ceropegia sahyadrica Ansari & B.G.P.Kulk., Indian Forester 97: 688 1971.;



Confusion or submission : Ceropegia (lawii, rollae, sahyadrica & panchganiensis):  As per the plant list, Ceropegia lawii, C sahyadrica and C panchganiensis are all syn of Ceropegia rollae. http://www.theplantlist.org/tpl/record/kew-2712940 
But on FoI website Ceropegia rollae (http://www.flowersofindia.net/catalog/slides/Rolla's%20Ceropegia.html) , Ceropegia sahyadrica (http://www.flowersofindia.net/catalog/slides/Sahyadri%20Ceropegia.html ) and Ceropegia lawii (http://www.flowersofindia.net/catalog/slides/Law's%20Ceropegia.html ) are three diffrent and individual species. Can someone throw light on it.
..., discussion related to your query here: https://groups.google.com/d/msg/indiantreepix/Z8HmB9obeos/-RqAGMCQRWoJ
Siddharthan Surveswaran; Mayur Y. Kamble; Shrirang R. Yadav; Mei Sun: Molecular phylogeny of Ceropegia (Asclepiadoideae, Apocynaceae) from Indian Western Ghats. Plant Systematics and Evolution 281:1-4, 51-63 (2009)


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Ceropegia sahyadrica
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At Kusur platue,en-route Bhimashankar
16 Aug,2013
Wow.... such sightings encourage me to keep my eyes more wide and open..... thanks for sharing.



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shearing this beautifull ceropegia with you alll    
Another lifer ceropegia for me this year
Ceropegia sahyadrica (Apocynaceae)
Lonavale Mahrashtra 2014 july yesterday on 20/7/2014 
Requesting to please ID this Ceropegia captured at Sinhagad, Pune in Aug 2014. My first sighting of a Ceropegia...
Is this Ceropegia lawii var. maccannii
Looks like Ceropegia sahyadrica

Ceropegia for ID 01082011 SMP2: We had merry time near Mulshi yesterday with ... with all the enthusiasm and vigor. Though it was raining heavily we had to get down from our car to capture this Sahyadri beauty.
Herb around1.5 feet high.
Leaves petiolate 7cm or so somewhat pubescent.opposite.;?decussate
Flowers dense white 5cm
I think this has to be Ceropegia sahyadrica.
Please validate 

I agree with your id. Excellent photos of Ceropegia sahyadrica
Beautiful ...
Even those tiny water droplets have come so well

very nice... and dedication in the rain... I am always fascinated by mother nature's use of the  heart shape so often... wonder what does it mean?
I must meet ..., I have heard so much about her in the last few months here...
... Yesterday the same thought came in my mind too. She is the most loved Botanist among the Pune members and of course on the group. I too felt I should meet her
I think this is Ceropegia lawii
Ceropegia sahyadrica it is 
Names of Plants in India :: Ceropegia sahyadrica Ansari & B.G.P.Kulk. ... synonym of Ceropegia lawii Hook.f.: Ceropegia lawii
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Photographed at Tung fort, 3060 ft asl, 31 JUL 11

what a perfect window as if window of some fort from Rajasthan. You can pip in and see the further beauty.
I am a bit confused
how come both of your names are synonyms of Ceropegia lawii.
Ceropegia lawii
Ceropegia sahyadrica
Ceropegia rollae
are for sure three distinct species!!
I will request ... to share his article:
Siddharthan Surveswaran; Mayur Y. Kamble; Shrirang R. Yadav; Mei Sun: Molecular phylogeny of Ceropegia (Asclepiadoideae, Apocynaceae) from Indian Western Ghats. Plant Systematics and Evolution 281:1-4, 51-63
Its not for free online!!
You are correct dear ...
Somewhere my understanding of the article went wrong.
Here's the link to download my paper as ... as requested.
Your specimen looks like C. lawii to me. Yes, there is no clear definition of group here. Already, C. lawii is controversial I guess. But your specimen looks more like C. lawii which I used in our study.
Anyway great picture and great post.
Oh ... so many thanks ... for validating this ID.
To me. these two species: C. lawii and C. sahyadrica seem confusingly close to each other with respect to their appearance in general.
Is there any "easy on eye" key to differentiate these two ?
... many thanks for link to your doc. C. lawii and C. sahyadrica do look different to some (great) extent in terms of their inflorescence ... thus convinced that plant in my photo in this thread is indeed C. lawii.
Will make change in my notes shortly, and put up corrected contents in this thread,
... this thread has become informative and ironically messy ... please bear with my learning of Ceropegia.
Putting the corrected contents in the following post.
Ceropegia lawii
seer-oh-PEEJ-ee-uh -- from the Greek keros (wax) and pege (fountain)
LAW-ee-eye -- named in honour of J. S. Law, ICS and botanist

commonly known as:
Law's ceropegiaMarathi: खरपुडी kharpudi, लॉई खरपुडी lawi kharpudi, पिवळी खरचुडी pivali kharchudi
botanical names: Ceropegia lawii Hook.f. ... synonyms: no synonyms

the photo is confusing, C. lawii has pure white flower, whereas ur photo doesnt, i dont think its, C. lawii, it may be C. sahyadrica but need more photos to confirm..
Is the classification at the following The Plant List link incorrect ?;
Looks like Ceropegia sahyadrica as per thread by ... 
Thanks ... Will correct in my flickr notes soon.
Yes, adding some ceropegia lawii snaps for more understanding 
you can see much variation in ceropegia lawii here, it is restricted to Thane, Ahmadnagar and Nashik Districts that too higher peaks.
Also adding one plate so we can easily see the difference 
Photographs taken by Sandip Gavade, Research scholar, Dept. of Botany, SUK