Caralluma diffusa

Caralluma diffusa (Wight) N.E.Br., Gard. Chron. III, 12: 369 1892. (Syn: Boucerosia diffusa Wight; Desmidorchis diffusa (Wight) Kuntze);

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This is Carlluma diffusa (Wight) N. E. Brown, collected from Tamil Nadu.

Caralluma R.Br.,

Caralluma named from the Arabian 'qarh alluhum', a flesh wound or abscess; for the floral odour of some species (Keith Bensusan, 2009). C. indica flower with rotten fungus like odour is the best example for this. The genus Caralluma is mainly paleotropical in its distribution and is the most widely distributed group among the stapeliads, from the Canary Islands in Macaronesia to the Indian subcontinent (Bruyns et al. 2010). The subtribe Stapeliinae G. Don. belongs to the tribe Ceropegieae Decne ex Orb. of the subfamily Asclepiadoideae R. Br. ex Burnett (Endress & Bruyns 2000, Meve & Liede 2004). This subfamily has traditionally been treated as a family Asclepiadaceae, but molecular evidence has demonstrated that the group, monophyletic though it is, is ested within the Apocynaceae Juss. (A.P.G. 2009.)

Stem fleshy; branches ascending, 4-angled, nearly of equal thickness throughout the branches; internodes glabrous. Leaves absent, leaf scars present, with appendage-like growth at nodes on angled portion. Flowers in terminal umbellate cymes, many-flowered; bracts triangular, acute at apex, glabrous; pedicels terete, glabrous. Calyx 5-lobed, divided up to base; lobes lanceolate, acute at apex, glabrous. Corolla campanulate, lobes 5, ovate, acute at apex, ciliate at margin only, otherwise glabrous. Corona biseriate; the outer annular, arising from base of stamens, closely intact; lobes with two horn like appendages widely separated from each other; the inner variable, linear, arising from inner side of outer corona, overlapping anther-lobes. Stamens 5, pollinia 5, pollen masses solitary in each anther cell, yellow, waxy with pellucid layer attached by light brown caudicles. Follicles up 10-15 cm in long.

Type: India: Madras Presidency; Coimbatore District, arid rocky mountains near Coimbatore at 600m elevation.

Flowering & Fruiting : Throughout the year.

Nice caption and information too. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful Caralluma species.