Apocynaceae member- Mumbai


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Cultivated plant with small white flowers seen in a garden.
Flowers have a resemblance to Cerbera.
Yes, but much smaller in size.
Does look like from the Apocynaceae family.
Its Apocynaceae member. Considering leaf characters it appears to be Plumeria
Looks like Cerbera odollam

Certainly not Plumeria species.
Agree with ... from the beginning i have thought this in not plumeria
also ... by now you know we will need side views
please provide them and full face of the leaf and the plant itself? its trunk? bark?
I agree with ... that this is not Plumeria.
Adding a few pictures taken when I revisited the place with ...
Thick dark green leaves, flowers small approx the size of Ixora.
..., Cerbera odollam flowers are bigger. They are known to me. It is a tree.
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Though Dwarf Plumeria vars. have come in the market, but the branching pattern of the pant in question is totally different. so it should not be Plumeria.
No, these are not Plumeria.
I agree with ... that the flowers have a resemblance to Cerbera. But they are smaller.
Not C. odollam or C. manghas since I am familiar with both.
Experts any other Species?
a wild guess - http://www.plantillustrations.org/taxa.php?id_taxon=914&lay_out=0&hd=0&group=1
Thanks for the link and efforts taken.
Hope to get it identified.
from your description I find, "Thick dark green leaves, flowers small approx the size of Ixora.."
In attached photographs I find leaves are possibly opposite-decussate... etc.
Now, Ixora flower sizes vary significantly in various spp., and both Plumeria & Cerbera have alternate leaves (as per FoC). In fact, unlike Rubiaceae members, limited number of Apocynaceae shrub (or tree) have decussate leaves.
I hope you went through description(s) of Acokanthera before rejecting it. I am getting very very interested to know the id of this species......!