Adenium somalense crispum X A. obesum

Images by Surajit Koley, (inserted by Bhagyashri Ranade)

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I bought this one about 3 years ago. In the first year it shed all its leaves and flowers.
Last year it produced no leaf or flower, I thought it was dead. Today I noticed a flower and a few buds!
A search of A. somalense crispum X A. obesum gives similar looking flower.
yes, lovely striped flower,
these are Thailand made hybrids
hundreds of them show up on google images
I bought some a few years ago at a nursery near KOl Bot G, several got stolen (expensive in local markets)
one was a bright pink originally for a couple of years
then almost nothing
this year i neglected it for about six months, busy with family and friends 'health death etc
and lo and hold 20 or so new very bright red... redder than red hibiscus flowers...  all of a sudden now...
go figure even deepened its color..
just started watering once a week
another was light pink,
this year one very bright pure white flower came up , and some buds are also beginning to develop will uncurl in a day or two..
my sister who  has grown them by the hundreds from store bought, from cuttings, from seeds .. etc
says neglect is the key to successful flowering...
never would have believed it if it did not happen to my own plants
Thank you very much Didi, very interesting.