Tetrataenium rigens

Tetrataenium rigens (Wall. ex DC.) Manden., Trudy Tbilissk Bot. Inst. 20: 17 1959. (syn: Heracleum candolleanum Gamble; Heracleum courtallense Gamble; Heracleum rigens Wall.; Heracleum rigens var. candolleanum (Wight & Arn.) C. B. Clarke; Heracleum rigens var. elongatum Gamble; Heracleum rigens var. multiradiatum Gamble; Heracleum sprengelianum Dalz & Gibs.; Pastinaca candolleana Wight & Arn.; Pastinaca ligusticifolia Wight & Arn.; Pastinaca rigens Wight);

India (SW-Ghats) as per Catalogue of Life;

Images by Joby Joseph (Inserted by J.M.Garg) (For more photos & complete details, click on the links)


Heracleum rigens from Vagamon Kerala: Heracleum rigens Wall.

Description:-Rootstock stout, stem puberulous or pubescent.Leaves of three to five leaflets. Leaflets and their lobes rounded, margin serrate or dentate. Rays of umbel numerous (fifteen to thirty), 2 to 3 inches: pedicel 1/2 inch, sepals green with pink tips. Petals creamy yellow, anthers dark reddish purple. Mericarps when fresh half as thick as broad, 1/3 to 1/2 inch, broadly elliptic, brownish red or pink, drying flat: inside vittas four, slender extending half to three-fourth down, as regards width occupying the middle half of the fruit, i.e., in two very close pairs. (Ref: P.F. Fyson (1932). The Flora of the South Indian Hill Stations. Vol.I P-255-256). A tall, erect, greyish-pubescent herb reaching 3 ft. in height, with yellow flowers, the leaves both radical and cauline, remarkable for the distant, more or less orbicularcordate, slightly lobed leaflets. (Ref: J.S. Gamble, (1915). Flora of the Presidency of Madras. Vol:I. P-564.)

Images of Pimpinella wallichiana in Flora of Karnataka are of Heracleum rigens.
Request you to pl. correct.

Thank you for drawing our attention to the correction. We will attend to it forthwith.

Images of Pimpinella wallichiana in FOI are of Heracleum rigens.
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Thadiyandamol, Coorg
August 2014

Pimpinella wallichiana (Miq) Gandhi (= P. monoica Dalz), fruits papillose is reported from Tidiandmul area in the Coorg flora
This id needs to be reconsidered for the following reasons:
The fruit is just too large. Pimpinella wallachiana fruits are 2-3mm.
The leaf is 3 lobed whereas in Pimpinella wallachiana it is triangular & trifoliate (lower leaves).
The images are dated August 2014 (no day is mentioned) even so P wallachiana flowers/fruits much later in November-January (at least in Maharashtra).
Am unable to give an alternate id currently.
Same images are available as Pimpinella wallichiana at FOI & Flora of Karanataka at
Advised both FOI and Flora of Karanataka for correction as images appear close to images at Heracleum rigens Wall. ex DC.