Pimpinella heyneana

Pimpinella heyneana (Wall. ex DC.) Benth., Gen. Pl. 1: 894 1867. (Syn: Anethum trifoliatum Roxb.; Carum heyneanum (Wall.) Franch.; Heliosciadium heyneanum Wall. ex DC.; Pimpinella heyneana Wall.; Pimpinella multiradiata Santapau (ambiguous synonym); Seseli zeylanicum Herb. Rottl. ex C. B. Cl.; Sium triternatum Moon (ambiguous synonym));

India (E- to peninsular India), Thailand, Myanmar [Burma] (Bago, Chin), Bangladesh as per Catalogue of Life;  

Erect or decumbent herbs, stem terete. Leaves alternate, 5-7 cm across, lower leaves orbicular, upper ones 3-lobed, base cordate, toothed; petiole 1-6 cm long, sheathing at base. Umbels terminal, panicled; rays 10; secondary rays many, each 3 cm long. Flowers 9-16 in an umbellule, 1.5 mm across, white; pedicels 5 mm long; calyx shortly 5-toothed; petals 5, 1 mm long, orbicular; stamens 5. Fruit 3 x 2 mm, ovate, densely villous, rugose.
Flowering and fruiting: October-February.
Moist deciduous and semi-evergreen forests
India, Myanmar and Sri Lanka
(Attributions- Dr. N Sasidharan (Dr. B P Pal Fellow), Kerala Forest Research Institute, Peechi from India Biodiversity Portal)

 Image by Dalia Set - identified by Shrikant Ingalhalikar (inserted by Bhagyashri Ranade)

KAS Week DS_091012_01 For id: Requesting id for this white cluster - from Kas 22nd Sep 2012.
Perhaps Apium sp.
Pimpinella heyneana of Apiaceae.
Please help me to identify this Umbellate plant.
Height: 3 feet
Leaf: 10-12cm
Flower: 0.3cm across
Date: 28 Jul 2012
Place: Valparai, TN
Alt.: 930 m asl
Habitat: wet (near a driblet)
Perhaps it is Angelica sp.
May be some Sanicula species as images appear similar to Sanicula elata

Cicuta sp? i hope its not Cicuta maculata
my god, how did it ever get here? but 
And it may be what we already have seen in FOi here : 
Cicuta virens or cowbane
Can you talk with Muthu and get more info?
Does not look like S. elata !

Thanks, ...,
But it looks different from Cicuta virosa as per
This appears to be Sanicula elata Buch.-Ham. ex D.Don (syn. S. europea var. elata). It is common in temperate regions of W.Ghats (Nilgiri and Pulney hills) above 1500 m altitude.
The species is identified as Pimpinella heyneana (DC.) Benth. Common species in evergreen forests.