Pimpinella adscendens

Pimpinella adscendens Dalzell , Hooker's J. Bot. Kew Gard. Misc. 2: 261 1850. (Syn: Pimpinella pinetorum Merr.);

India (NW-Ghats (Maharashtra to Goa)), Philippines (I) as per Catalogue of Life;

Images by (Satish Phadke - validation by Tanay Bose) (inserted by Bhagyashri Ranade) 

Plant for ID SMP2 - 26/03/2011: Tamhini
A prostrate herb.10-15cm length
Leaves ?cauline.Compound, Pinnate...; As seen in picture.
Flowers white; In umbels2-3cm
I think this is Pimpinella adscendens.
Please validate. 
I think you are correct 
Apiaceae week plant for identification from Nashik
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attaching images of Apiaceae member for identification. please identify
Thanks, ...
Fair chance of it being Pinda/ Polyzygs sp., most likely P. concanensis [Pinda concanensis (Dalzell) P.K. Mukh. & Constance].
With available data it will always remain a guess.
This is definitely not Pinda, my apologies.
Apiaceae without close up images and images of fruit is truly difficult (for non-experts).
Pls inform location of collection. My 1st guess is Pimpinella wallichiana.
Pls also let me know the height of the plant
location mountain top, height about 3 feet
I think my id will be correct then. P.wallichiana is a tall and attractive apiaceae member. Chordate leaves also match
On perusal of comparative images at Pimpinella
Thanks, ... for the initial Id.
Thanks ...,  But ... has mentioned that the plant was 3 ft tall and had chordate leaves. P.adscendens is neither 3 ft tall nor has chordate leaves.
Thanks, ... Leaves & habit are visible in the posted pictures.
Thank you all, ... i din't mention that leaves are cordate, i just mentioned that in flora of Nashik leaves of P wallichiana are described as cordate (leaves in the images dont look so) any way good discussion so we settle for Pimpinella adscendens Dalzell 
Sorry ...,   But I still go with P.wallichiana. P.adsecdens, as I have seen in and around nashik, is a very small plant which trails on the ground and inflorescence stalk rising upwards. Locally people call it 'Gaajri' and the leaves are edible.
P.wallichiana is tall as a meter and I have also seen taller ones. It is a favorite of rock bees.
Even if u did not say 'chordate', ..., I am sorry to have said that, but ur pictures do show chordate leaflets.
I think we should ask some else to respond on this also.

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I think this is from Apiaceae family, but cannot place the exact species.
please help in identification
location:Aambyvalley Rd.,Lonavala,Pune
height:about 2-3 ft.
Thanks, ... Pl. Check comparative images in efi at Apiaceae page. 
I had already tried the Apiaceae page but was unable to find any matching images. May be it is Pimpinella sp.. Any hint would be ideal
I think close to images at Pimpinella adscendens Dalzell
Also looks close as per high resolution specimen at


at Bhandardhara in hilly area in November 2008;A Creeper for Id 25 Aug 09 SNPa - indiantreepix | Google Groups

This prostrate herb was seen by the roadside in the Tamhini ghat near Pune, MH in Aug 2019.
Requested to please provide ID.

I think close to Pimpinella adscendens Dalzell as per comparative images at Apiaceae.