Oenanthe linearis

Oenanthe linearis Wall. ex DC., Prodr. 4: 138 1830. (syn: Oenanthe javanica subsp. linearis (Wall. ex DC.) Murata; Oenanthe linearis subsp. rivularis (Dunn) C. Y. Wu & Pu Fating; Oenanthe linearis subsp. sinensis (Dunn) C. Y. Wu & Pu Fating; Oenanthe rivularis Dunn; Oenanthe sinensis Dunn);     

Tibet, China (Shandong, Henan, Jiangsu, Anhui, Hubei, Hunan, Jiangxi, Zhejiang, Fujian, Sichuan, Guizhou, Yunnan, Guangxi), Taiwan, Myanmar [Burma], Nepal, Vietnam, Laos, Ryukyu Isl. (Amami-oshima), Sumatra, India (C-Himalaya) as per Catalogue of Life;

Common name: Water Dropwort, Water Celery, Water Parsley • Manipuri: ꯀꯣꯝꯞꯔꯦꯛ Komprek • Tangkhul: Hanchamhan

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Location: Godawari, Lalitpur,, Nepal
Altitude: 1566 m.
Date: 04 June 2019
Habit : Wild
Which Apiaceae ??

Closest I can go as per comparative images at Ammi is Ammi majus L. 
Pl. check

1. It is not listed in Nepal according to ACFPN, CoL an d POWO
2. Images from FoI,  EFI and POWO and illustration from FoC differ. 

I further checked up.
Your plant certainly looks different.
Images at Ammi majus are Ok as per references herein except for one thread, which I am looking into.

Pl. check as per FoP illustration
Elevation and leaf pattern does not match.
Yes, looks different from images in Flora of Nepal
Need to look in detail.

After struggling for many weeks, I got the clarity on this plant after getting confused about variable Oenanthe species.
I think it is Oenanthe linearis as be specimens in GBIF. Leaves of this plant lies between two specimens given in gbif from Nepal.
It also matches with the keys and detailed description given in Flora of China.
I think Catalogue of Life rightly puts Oenanthe javanica subsp. linearis (Wall. ex DC.) Murata, Oenanthe linearis subsp. rivularis (Dunn) C. Y. Wu & Pu Fating & Oenanthe linearis subsp. sinensis (Dunn) C. Y. Wu & Pu Fating under Oenanthe linearis Wall.
Pl. see their illustrations at http://www.iflora.cn/picture/IF/55(2)-205.jpg & keys at Flora of China
GBIF says specimen from Nepal.

I feel the leaves are different from net image and drawing from FoC.

Yes. Images in FOI of Oenanthe javanica appears to be some other species. 

Your are right Saroj! It was supposed to be Oenanthe javanica subsp. linearis, whose accepted name is Oenanthe linearis Wall. Corrected now:

On searching, I found there is a lot of confusion in this genus.
Oenanthe linearis Wall. images on net looks different from FOI as per
GBIF (high resolution specimens) has considered as Oenanthe dielsii Boiss. as a syn. of Oenanthe linearis subsp. linearis, which which Catalogue of Life considers as an independent species.
Oenanthe linearis Wall. images on net also looks similar to those on FOI as per
Flora of China (does not include Oenanthe dielsii Boiss.) gives keys of five species, out of which Oenanthe benghalensis (Roxb.) Kurz (ambiguous synonym) is considered as synonyms as per Catalogue of Life of Oenanthe javanica (Bl.) DC.