Desmos chinensis ?

Desmos chinensis Loureiro, Fl. Cochinch. 1: 352. 1790. (Syn: Artabotrys esquirolii H. Léveillé; Unona chinensis (Loureiro) Candolle; U. discolor Vahl.) as per Flora of China ?;

Images by Padmini Raghavan (Id suggestion by Tabish, Ajinkya gadave & Mani Nair) (Inserted by J.M.Garg)'s%20013.jpg?part=0.1&view=1&vt=ANaJVrEO7GJNfSZ0jZWdiJX8ucx68SOsBMABPCpasP_FXUH4swRS1_DJgK1O1euFXk4PgLkXMQHrG4Rd7FCzeUi8gDg5jTJvw3uegcRI7_0r3X7TnN8PeUE

Michelia champaka -blooming in Chennai : Attachments (4). 15 posts by 8 authors.
This tree with fragrant flowers is blooming in Chennai now. (12.7.10).
Padmini jee this is not Michelia champaka
this is Desmos praecox
Family: Annonaceae
This looks like Ylang Ylang (Cananga odorata)
Yes this Desmos praecox from the Sitaphal family.
I think ... suggestion is right, Desmos praecox. Looks quite similar to Ylang Ylang.
Difference between  1) Michelia champaka 2) Desmos praecox 3) Cananga odorata
Excellent comparative pictures
Yes, the comparative pictures are great. Does anyone know the common name for Desmos?
Checked out on flowersofindia, not present there as well.

Desmos praecox indeed!!
Close up of the flowers from the link below
I can appreciate the fact that it is related to Sitaphal as the leaves were hanging down in pairs just like those of Sitaphal.
Desmos species are commonly known as Unona. Desmos praecox may be called Early-Flowering Unona.
After looking at this closely, it appears to me that instead of being Desmos praecox, this one could be Desmos chinensis (Syn: Unona discolor), for the following reasons:
1. Desmos praecox is supposed to flower in February, much earlier than other Desmos species, as indicated by the species name "praecox" which means early flowering. ... pictures were taken in early July.
So, flowering time doesn't quite agree.
2. Leaves of Desmos praecox are described as lanceshaped, long-pointed (acuminate). Leaves of Desmos chinensis are described as ovate- lanceshaped, with somewhat cordate base. Leaves in ... pictures
appear to be with a flat base, not really a pointed base, and look too broad to be called lanceshaped.
3. Leaves of Desmos chinensis are described to be smooth above, and glaucous below. In ... 3rd picture, the galucous underside of some leaves is visible.
4. Flowers of Desmos chinensis are supposed to be very fragrant. I could not find mention of any prominent fragrance in the description of Desmos praecox.
Comments from experts are needed.
PS: Pictures on may not be 100% trustworthy.
One more this which I forgot to add is that in Desmos praecox the flowers appear either before the leaves, or with young leaves. Here, they appear with seemingly mature leaves.
Looks like Desmos praecox only. Change in Blooming period may be due to change in climatic conditions