Artabotrys zeylanicus

Artabotrys zeylanicus Hook.f. & Thomson, Fl. Ind. 1: 128 1855. ;
ar-TAY-bot-riss -- Greek: artao (support), botrys (bunch of grapes); tendril supports fruit ... Dave's Botanary
zey-LAN-ee-kus -- of or from Ceylon (Sri Lanka) ... Dave's Botanary 


Woody climbers. Leaves 13-18 x 5-7 cm, oblong, acute at both ends, nerves 10-12 pairs; petiole striate. Flowers few; pedicels 1-2 cm long, stout with 4 bracts at base; sepals 3, to 8 x 6 mm, broadly ovate, pubescent; petals 6, 2.5-3 x 0.7 cm, oblong-lanceolate, concave at base inside, pubescent, yellow; stamens many, anthers oblong, concealed by flat and broad connectives; carpels few, tomentose, ovules paired in each cell. Fruitlets sessile, 15-22 mm dia, globose, densely packed.
Flowering and fruiting: September-June
Semi-evergreen and evergreen forests, also in the plains
Peninsular India and Sri Lanka
Artabotrys zeylanicus Hook.f. & Thomson
at Jog Falls on 16 MAR 13
along Anshi Ghat on 25 MAY 13
at Yana Rocks on 15 DEC 12

another nice set of photographs.
Anshi Ghat :: Artabotrys zeylanicus :: DVFEB13/46 : 1 post by 1 author. 2 images. 
Anshi Ghat ... Karnataka
Date: 25 MAY 2013 ... Altitude: 340 - 380 m asl 
Artabotrys zeylanicus Hook.f. & Thomson ... (family: Annonaceae) 
Annonaceae Shrub from the Forest cover near Mabhige Village (Karnataka)-- Yana region.
Bot. name: Artabotrys zeylanicus
Artabotrys zeylanicus
Family: Annonaceae.
Nice photographs …
Annonaceae of central WG (Goa, Karnataka) - 4. Artabotrys zeylanicus : Attachments (2). 2 posts by 2 authors. 
Nice photos

Do we have any name in Telugu for Artabotrys zeylanicus ?
Artabotrys hexapetalus and Artabotrys zeylanicus are called Manoranjitham- మనోరంజితం
because the smell allures the mind -mano means mind; ranjitham means -allures
Thank you very very much ... for the name and etymology.
Any name in Tamil for Artabotrys zeylanicus ?
I couldn't find any specific Tamil name for Artabotrys zeylanicus may be due to rare occurrence of the species in the State.
I however noticed that sometimes the Tamil name of A. hexapetalus, 'Manoranjitham' (மனோரஞ்சிதம்), is also applied to A. zeylanicus (either by error or) possibly because of its similarity with the former species.
Thanks very very much ... for your thoughts. I too found mention of மனோரஞ்சிதம் manoranjitham at flickr.
I would go with this name especially because the name is shared even in Malayalam and Telugu languages.
References: Kerala Plants and ... response to my query.
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ar-TAY-bot-riss -- Greek: artao (support), botrys (bunch of grapes); tendril supports fruit ... Dave's Botanary
zey-LAN-ee-kus -- of or from Ceylon (Sri Lanka) ... Dave's Botanary 
commonly known asCeylon green champasouth Indian tail grape • Kannadaಮನೋರಂಜಿನಿಹೂ ಬಳ್ಳಿ manoranjinihoo balli • Malayalamമനോരഞ്ജിനി manoranjini •Marathiरान चाफा ran chapha • Tamilமனோரஞ்சிதம் manoranjitham • Teluguమనోరంజితం manoranjitham 
botanical namesArtabotrys zeylanicus Hook.f. & Thomson ... synonyms: no synonym known ... The Plants List (2013). Version 1.1. 
March 16, 2013 ... near Jog Falls
somebody please ID this plant : 6 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (3)
It is a small plant, stems look like vine. The leaves when crushed have a pleasant fragrance. the stem curls near the leaf growth and looks like a hook
Please ID this plant. Photographed in Udupi, Karnataka.

Artabotrys hexapetalus, green champa 

Perhaps, Artabotrys sp.

From the leaves, it appears more closer to wild species of Artabotrys zeylanicus

..., I am not able to affirm the species.
Let us request … to provide information about the habitat - whether garden OR wilderness.

It is found in the wild.