Annona reticulata ?

Annona reticulata ?;

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Annona reticulata (family : Annonaceae).
Common name bullock's heart bull's heart
Kannada Rama phala 
Considered much sweeter than seetha phal.
Wonder why they are seldom seen in Vegetable/Fruit  Market. Are they of indian origin ? 
Murnaaadu, Kodagu, Coorg,
Sep 2009
'Annona reticulata' is called 'Ramphal' 'रामफळ' in Marathi. 
'Annonaceae Family' is known as Sitaphal Kul' 'सीताफळ कुल' in Marathi.
This is Annona squamosa not A. reticulata
I dont think this is Annona squamosa !!
A pic of leaves could be of some help.
i think this is not a fully grown fruit. thats why it could not be identified. it is not A. squamosa nor A. muricata. a possibility of A. reticulata is there (which is possible as the fruit is not fully grown?).
Id looks probable though fruits looks a little different than what we see here, once a common species, planted and wild, but fruits are not that sweet what have been claimed in this thread, certainly village urchins do like to eat. Each year we need to prevent our our students from climbing one such tree in front of our school.