Semecarpus species ?- Talakona, Andhra Pradesh
Date/Time-28 Mar 2010, 11.00AM
Location- Place, Altitude, GPS-Talakona, Andhra Pradesh, Hill Top,
Habitat- Garden/ Urban/ Wild/ Type-Wild, Eastern ghats
Plant Habit- Tree/ Shrub/ Climber/ Herb- Plant
Height/Length-approx - ~ 0.5 feet
Leaves Type/ Shape/ Size- Young red leaves, Elliptic to oblong - elongated, 5 -6 inches

Wow! what a rich colour! My quick guess would go to either Madhuca or a member of mango family!

It does look like Mango to me.
it does looks like Mango tree to me.
Recently, one of my friend from Germany queried me about the red and orange coloration in young leaves found on tropical countries like Ecuador and India; he also stated that its difficult to observe in Temperate countries. I explained him in the angle of 'pollinator attraction'.
Dear experts, could any of you provide details over which why the coloration appears in particular season?
The orange coloration of Maples and Oaks are in Autumn in Temperate countries.
The plant looks more like a mango sapling as the leaves are too narrow to be those of Madhuca
New leaves of mango trees are mostly shades of dark purple/brown/pink.
Red new leaves that too as that of the picture may not be seen in M.indica (at least I haven't come across yet).
Though the leaves looks like mango tree in the given picture the venation doesn't agree that of Mangifera indica.
This could be Semicarpus anacardifolia.
in the first pic a large leaf can be seen which surely does not match with Mangifera indica. I feel it can be Semecarpus anacardium as pointed out by ... also note that the ground is showing of forest fire.... which leads to more robust growth of new suckers (which can show such rich colour of leaves) (this burning phenomenon is commonly applied to Diospyros melanoxylon so that more vigorous crop can be achieved after forest fires .)
I took this picture many years back. The natives informed that it is Diospyros melanoxylon. Please see this link
The picture of the leaves on the link referred by you is totally different from the pictures of the leaves submitted in the original.
... may be right, I have seen similar red leaveson young branches of Diospyros peregrina also.
Kindly also consider these to be young juvenile leaves of Eucalyptus. Some mature fallen leaves appear along side.
You may be right sir, however, my observation is that the texture of the leaves in both the pictures are different.
I must admit that I may be wrong.
Another possibility for Raghu ji's plants is Buchanania lanzan, looking at the older leaves.