Buchanania cochinchinensis ?


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Location: Sangu Matamuri Wildlife Sanctuary, Bandarban 
Picture taken: February, 2019

Appears something from Anacardiaceae, may be Rhus sp.  

It looks like Buchnania barberi 
Rhus is 3 foliate leaved.

Thanks, … But Buchnania barberi has distribution only in Southern Western Ghats (endemic)

No fruit or closeup image of flower I may not be correct, but it is a species of Buchnania only

What are the Buchnania species reported in your area ?

as usual, where is the rest of the tree 

The inflorescence should be pubescent/tomentose, nerves in the plant of ... is impressed, fruit not known. attaching an image of Buchnania cochinchinensis
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Ok, I will check. 

There is a bw line crawing of its diagnostic features in this rediscovery in south india by ES santhos Kumar
E.S., Santhosh & T, Shaju & Jabbar, MA & Pandurangan, A G. (2002). 
Rediscovery of Buchanania barberi Gamble, an endangered and endemic species from the Western Ghats of Kerala, India (Anacardiaceae).. Rheedea. 12. 197-200. 
you can quickly find it at Reasearchgate

Thank you for the reference; what is a bw line crawing; I could not understand properly

so you did not open the link???
crawing is, if you open the link, you'll see ....  its a bw line drawing. crawing is really a drawing. obvious misplaced finger on the keyboard. get it?
seems autocorrect//spelling checker should have caught it, but did not means the spell checker Artificial intelligence thinks its a legit word !
and it went thru. just like you, i did not think its a legit word but what do you know, l live and learn
Thanks a lot madam, Immediately I opened the link in the morning, got the full details, but I could not think of it as drawing,
Even B.cochinchinensis the inflorescence is hispid or tomentose, but the leaf and fruit are different. sorry for the inconvenience

Ok, thanks.