Anacardiaceae member- Patiala, Punjab

This medium-sized tree was recorded from campus
of Punjabi University,
Patiala, Punjab in September 2017.
To me this looks to belong to Anacardiaceae, please suggest correct id..

Never seen before 
Pl. check 

Could not find a match as per comparative images at

I think, Bridelia sp.
Looks to me like Casearia graveolens (Salicaceae)
Not sure. The flowers don't quite match C. graveolens as I know it
Thanks ..., My first impression of the plant was Bridelia, until I closely observed the flowers... and this is not like Casearia too..
Hope to get a lead soon..!!
Please check for Bridelia ferruginea. Only a suggestion

Thanks a lot ..., for your valuable suggestion, yes it superficially resembles to what you suggested, bu flowers seem to differ.. 

Unable to help you with this one.