Zephyranthes mesochloa (Oman) ?

Brazil to S. South America (as per WCSP)


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These ornamental Lilies are growing in my balcony.
Pictures taken on 10 Apr, 2014.
These would be Zephyranthes candida or Zephyranthes drummondii ?
Images of Zephyranthes candida (Lindl.) Herb. at efi site 
I think seems to match with Zephyranthes drummondii at FOi site
Thanks ...  I thought so too.
Earlier I had identified them as Zephyranthes candida 
Wanted to get them validated.
My White Rain Lilies.
All these days I thought them to be Zephyranthes candida.
But recently, on FOI site, they looked like Zephyranthes drummondii.
As per FOI site, the id seems correct.
On searching further, Zephyranthes drummondii pictures on the net are different.
While my Lilies look more like Zephyranthes mesochloa.
..., I hope you find time to look up this post.
In that case, the id on FOI could be wrong.