Rhodophiala rosea

Images by Bhagyashri Ranade (Inserted by Bhagyashri Ranade & J.M.Garg) 


Sharing images of Lycoris sanguinea flowering: Images of Lycoris sanguinea (? hope I have identified correctly. pl confirm)
March end and April 1st & 2nd week flowering in Mumbai in a pot
Flower Color: peach-apricot/orange-apricot
Family: Amaryllidaceae
Common Name: Magic lily, Resurrection lily, Naked lady lily
When the flowers of lycoris bloom, their leaves would have fallen; when their leaves grow, the flowers would have wilted.
In the images one plant is flowering and another one is growing leaves.
Images are of not best quality (taken from my cell camera) but I was searching on eflora and couldn't find a single image. So thought should share.
Thank you for sharing, lovely colors... rare, most we see here are red...
I noticed you have a very ineresting way to plant your plants... eclectic posts... must reduce the weight of the container... my question ... 1: can one keep these plants in plastic bags for long?
and 2: what is that long tall almost translucent planter in the back right side?
would be interesting where roots need to be deeper than the usual 6 to 8 inch deep pots...
is it a long tube you designed from several bags or pipes ?
this information would be interesting for those of us who "garden" in a small balcony!!!
Yes, the space crunch leads one to interesting-ness and innovation.:)
More than the load it was space crunch which led me to use & recycle materials around me. Only some 7-8 months ago I would settle for nothing less than good old terracotta pots but now I happily use anything and everything which fits into my very narrow space.
1: can one keep these plants in plastic bags for long?
When I look at my happy plants I am forced to say YES.
I now worry about what mix I put into the plastic bag (bottle/jar) rather than in what I am putting my plant. For me soil+coco peat+ vermi compost equal parts work wonders.
And I am finicky about drainage and watering my plants. Never overwater!
For me the question now is how long the plastic bags would last. I just had first casualty in 7-8 months, a bird pecked a hole in my pippali’s thick bag and without much disturbing the roots I put the plant back in a new one!
2: what is that long tall almost translucent planter in the back right side?
ok that is just a 2 liter bottle cut from bottom, yes for roots. And yes I have few other plants in 3-4 plastic bags put together as a single pot, just the way you thought!
This way not only I am able to use my narrow space but able use it vertically too by hanging the plants.

Thank you for the detailed explanation...
I need to find a source of coco peat...
a couple of years ago, visiting an old junior school teacher for nostalgia, her family took us on a tour of nearby lakes in deep villages of Bengal, there was a shed where some one was making coconut fibre rassi, so had a lot of small grainy peat, brought it washed it dried it etc and used it but my plants did not like it.
Have not found a source here locally, in Gujarat my friends tell me they are able to buy 25 lbs bricks that they break off, soak in h2o and use it..
I liked your use of the mom's grocery basket, pink too for a planter...
At the horticulture garden this year two stalls were selling coconut fibres sewn thru to make liners for hanging baskets... that would be better than the plastic saucers they are selling in nurseries... 
These don't match with images of this species at
I think it is Rhodophiala rosea as per images herein.

efloraofindia:''Id 18042013MR1’’ Lycoris sanguinea flowers at Pune : Attachments (9). 3 posts by 2 authors. 
April 2013
Sharing pix of flowers of Lycoris sanguinea at a hsng soc garden at Pune. the petals were shining.
Nice pix with great details
These don't match with images of this species at
I think it is Rhodophiala rosea as per images herein.


Lily for ID : Nasik : 160912 : AK-1:  A very old picture taken at Gangajal Nursery, Nasik on 18/6/2006.
Day Lily or Amaryllis?
Again Hippeastrum may be H. puniceum.
Hippeastrum roseum
species. There are many hybrids and it is difficult to narrow down to a particular cultivar/ hybrid