Crinum woodrowii

Crinum woodrowii Baker, Bot. Mag. 124: t. 7597 1898.;

KRY-num or KREE-num -- Greek: krinon, meaning lily ... Dave's Botanary
wood-ROW-ee-eye -- named for G M Woodrow, who first collected this species ... POWO

commonly known as: Woodrow's crinum lilyMarathi: रोवी कर्णफुल rowi karnaphul

Flowers are subsessile hence C. pratens. C. woodrowii has pedicelled flowers. Moreover the latter is rarely found on cliffs along evergreen forests. C. pratens is a common Crinum in Konkan.   
need help with identifying the Crinum spp. I think it is C. wodrowii but need an expert to confirm. Seen last saturday 9th June in a site which is planned to be submerged in backwaters of a dam.
C. wodrowii is an endangered species which makes me worry more about the habitat being drowned.
Same as your thought ... Crinum woodrowii

botanical names: Crinum eleonorae Blatt. & McCann ... synonym: Crinum eleonorae f. purpureum Blatt. & McCann
Just wanted to know who put forma purpureum as synonym of C. elenorae, because BSI treat them distinct plant, (Flora of Maharashtra by B.D.Sharma, S. Karthikeyan and N.P.Singh, 1996)
forma purpureum has perigone deeply tinged with purple on the dorsal side and perigone tube with bracts uniformly brown-purple.
... the relevant link to page at The Plants List is 

this plant ID is corrected to Crinum woodrowii Baker ... comment at
Though the picture in original post now belongs to Crinum woodrowii Baker ... would like to put here the revised version of names of Crinum eleonorae Blatt. & McCann ... considered as an extinct plant.
KRY-num or KREE-num -- Greek: krinon, meaning lily ... Dave's Botanary
el-ee-oh-NAWR-ay -- most possibly named for Eleanor Mary Allen, wife of Charles McCann ... Wikipedia, author of this species
commonly known as: Eleanor's lilyMarathi: नोरी कर्णफुल nori karnaphul