Crinum asiaticum ?

Crinum asiaticum L. (syn: Crinum amabile Donn ex Ker Gawl.) ?;

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July 2014

Crinum asiaticum, perhaps.
Thank you sir.
please validate-Crinum augustum.010914RT-1 : 15 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (1).
please validate-Amaryllidaceae-Crinum augustum.
Place-Alapuzha; Kearala.
Habitat-cultivated garaden
Height-4 feet. 

efi page on Crinum × amabile

As per The Plant List Ver. 1.1, Crinum × augustum Roxb. is a synonym of Crinum × amabile Donn ex Ker Gawl. 

Crinum asiaticum
So many pink-white crinum flowers identified with so many names in the net is very confusing to me. I think -
i) if flowers are pedicellate (1 to 2 inch) it is C. augustum R., and they are sweetly fragrant
ii) if flowers are sessile it is C. zeylanicum (L.) L., don't know if they are fragrant
May be there are more similar looking other species.
Thanks ...The sweet scented flowers are borne on a long pedicel-upto 2 feet long. It is the same thing as in ... post on 030812 from Lalbagh.
Your crinum may be same as the one you have mentioned. But perhaps you have meant 2 ft peduncle, not pedicel. Please correct me if I am wrong.
Yes dear ...; thanks for correcting me. It is a peduncle bearing the flower cluster.
Since leaves are all basal and inflorescence axis is leafless we would call it a scape and not a peduncle.
Yes Sir, I was wrong.
No ... you were not wrong
The plant bears usually more than 50 cm long scape (some may call it peduncle, though technically it is scape) in both species at the tip of which flowers are borne in an umbel subtended by spathaceous bract. Individual flowers may be sessile (no pedicel) or have a distinct pedicel. The ovary being inferior, pedicel if present would be below the ovary.
Yes Sir, I wanted to say pedicels (or not) on the scape, instead wrote pedicels on the peduncle..... must be something to do with those Alocasia-Colocasia!
As ... is an experts on Crinum & published a new species-
Kew Bulletin September 2012, Volume 67, Issue 3, pp 521-526 Crinum malabaricum (Amaryllidaceae), a remarkable new aquatic species from Kerala, India and lectotypification of Crinum thaianum by M. M. Lekhak & S. R. Yadav- we should review the identity of this post in light of his views. 
Yes, ..., this is not for amateurs. Crinum flowers with pink hue can be a member of C. asiaticum complex.
The white flowered large species with distinct stem (though short) is Crinum toxicarium Roxb. Bangladesh reports a purplish variant of C. asiaticum. Add to this the species Crinum x amabile which is hybrid of C. asiaticum. One may also take a look at -
At the outset let me tell you that I am not an expert in this group. I am just a beginner. The group is highly polymorphic and species particularly the ones which are in ornamental trade (Crinum asiaticum, C. amabile, C. powellii etc) are very difficult to delimit. The image provided here cannot be Crinum zeylanicum as C. zeylanicum has funnel-shaped perianth not salver-shaped (as in the present case). Let me see some literature on cultivated Crinums. I will get back to you.
Images by (Aarti Khale  - identified by Ritesh Kumar Choudhary), (Inserted by Bhagyashri Ranade)

Lily for ID : Lalbagh,Bangalore : 030812 : AK-1: Pictures taken on 24/7/12 in Lalbagh, Bangalore.
Looks like some species of spider lily.
Buds are red in color. Missed seeing the open flower.
Crinum x amabile Donn is my guess. Amaryllidaceae.

It does look like Crinum x amabile Donn, Giant Spider Lily.
This could be Crinum asiaticum also !!
To me it looks like Crinum x amabile Donn.