Crinum amoenum

Crinum amoenum Roxb. ex Ker Gawl., J. Sci. Arts (London) 3: 106 1817. (Syn: Crinum himalense Royle; Crinum verecundum Carey ex M.Roem.);

Common name: Himalayan Crinum Lily  

Image by (Shobha Halwe-Chavda - identified by Tabish), (Inserted by Bhagyashri Ranade)

Request for ID of flower – 280412SC3: Posting photo of flower for Id. Some species of Pancratium?
Date/Time – 16.04.2012 / 10.40 a.m.
Location – Place – Kaziranga National Park
Habitat – Garden/ Urban/ Wild / Type – Wild
This should be Himalayan Crinum Lily (Crinum amoenum)