Iresine herbstii ?

Iresine herbstii ?;
Chenopodiaceae and Amaranthaceae Week: RVS-10: Iresine herbstii?: Please confirm if this is Iresine herbstii. Found growing in a garden near Tirunelveli, TN.
I feel this is not Iresine herbstii.
This is Purple Amaranthus or Red Amaranthus.
I have posted a picture of Iresine herbstii from Munnar earlier.
Will repost under family week.
Experts kindly correct me if I am wrong, since I'm not an expert in Botany.
look at the inflorescence...
all wrong for a purple or red amaranth...
dont just focus on the rounded ends of the leaves...
they can be rounded or pointed...
Thanks for correcting me.
It was just a guess.