Chenopodium album ?

Chenopodium album ?;

confirmation of ID: I found these chenopodium species growing in a field.... The first one i guess is C. album, not sure of the rest 2... Could any of these 2 be C. glaucum or C. foliosum? Had not seen this red chenopodium. Please if any1 can help me in the identification of these 2 species (Pic 2 (DSC00129) and 3 (DSC00131)) and confirm the pic 1 which i propose as C. album
- This should be Chenopodium album most probably.
- Chenopodium album is used as a vegetable
- i think this is CHNDAN BATAWA (चन्दन बटवा ) don't know about botanical name - Your answer has really brought in a new dimension to identification of this plant and possibly a few more. Although Chandan betu in Bengali refers to Chenopodium album, but Chandan batwa in Maharashtra refers to Atriplex hortensis. The plant looks much closer to that, but only close up of fruiting branch will clinch issue.
- To me also all the three pictures appear to be of *Chenopodium album*. This is a complex species with several infra-specific forms and semi-cultivated varieties, probably due to natural hybridization. Different cytotypes (two diploids: wide-leaved and narrow-leaved forms; and an hexaploid) said to occur in semi-cultivated forms in India (Gangopadhyay et al., 2002), thus making the taxon more complex with variable phenotypes. The coloration of leaves is also not uncommon, i suppose. They are not matching to C. glaucum or C. foliosum.

Chenopodiaceae and Amaranthaceae Week: Chenopodium album from Paddar Valley J&K:
Kindly confirm ID
Bot. name: Chenopodium album
Family: Chenopodiaceae
Location: Paddar Valley J&K
Altitude: 2000 m asl
Habitat: Cultivated crop