Amaranthus species from the garden by the river
Chenopodiaceae and Amaranthaceae Week:: UD 008:: Amaranth family 5 to ID: This is one more amaranth from the garden by the river, this has green flower spike… Leaf size you can perhaps guess is about 4 inches long,  the plants were just as tall as the ones with the red spikes in the earlier submission.
Very nice pictures indeed.
First time observing a close up of Amaranth flowers the features of which are necessary to reach upto species level.
I can't count the number of tepals and stamens ...hopefully they are 5 each.
The leaf axil I think is without spines which rules out A. spinosus.
I can see the Bracts/bracteoles spinous tipped (a key character.) and it is as long as or slightly longer than tepals.
They may be ovate acuminate which indicates it might be A.cruentus.

Thanks Satish, I need to pay more attention to smaller details when encountering these small spikes... and thanks for the details.
I have this one of the area where a leaf arose and a few flowers bunched up, will this add any thing to your analysis?