Alternanthera species ?- Mohali, Punjab
Purple coloured climber for ID : 5 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (2)
Please see attached the climber photos
Place from where the photo is clicked - Mohali, Punjab
Habit - climber though no climbing structures seen
Colour - purple all over
Leaves - purple and with entire margins, highly succulent
Flowers - Pinkish, i don't think they open
I am sorry for the bad quality but the photo is clicked with mobile
Can anyone please help me identify the plant

Is it Basella sp. ?

Thanks, ...
It will be better if ... posts the original images to see better details.  

Thank You ... for the help. it seems like Basella sp. I will definitely post some good photographs to confirm the sp.

Does not match with Basella alba, the only species sp far in this genus in efi.
PL. also check with the following though I am not positive: