Malephora crocea (Cultivated)

Malephora crocea (Jacq.) Schwantes, Deutsche Gärt.-Zeitung 43: 7 7 1928. (Syn: Hymenocyclus croceus Schwantes; Mesembryanthemum croceum Jacq.);

Images by Arundhati Boyce (Identified by Santhosh Kumar) (Inserted by J.M.Garg)

Ornamental for id - 200213 ANB-0032 - Mumbai: I would love to know the name of another very attractive succulent plant if possible.
I hope portulaca sp. Portulaca grandiflora if flower is around 2.5 cm across. P. pilosa if flower is around 1 cm across
This is Malephora crocea, commonly cultivating in Riyadh and other middle east countries as ground cover.
Common name: Coppery mesembryanthemum
Family: Aizoaceae
Habit: Perennial Herb
Nativity: South Africa
Propagation: Through seeds and stem cuttings
Thanks ... for correct ID
ice plant vareity. That's why i was confused when Gurcharanji mentioned portulaca. nice to know. its iceplant


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