Thunbergia erecta ?

Thunbergia erecta ?;

Thunbergia grandiflora : Attachments (1).  7 posts by 5 authors.
Flower of Thunbergia grandiflora
phtographed at Alibag
Camera:Sony DSC H 50
Why it's so blueish compared to light blue at the following links for Thunbergia grandiflora?: (details with a picture), (details & pictures), (a picture with some details)
Yes I also thought that the colour appears more blue. Generally it is purple or violet in different shades or may be even complete white. A commonly planted climber which grows to a large extent and also to uncontrolled great heights.
An Acanthaceae family member!
Anyway it just looks awesome with good thick green foliage intermingled with bright flowers almost throughout the year.
Attaching my photograph (2) of white variety taken at IIT Madras guest house.
Links for Thunbergia erecta: (lot of pictures with some details), (lot of pictures), (lot of pictures).
i observe the same thing, many times flowers at one place have a bit diff. shade that at the other place. Is it perhaps the soil, that affects the color a bit? Afterall the soil contains diff. minerals at diff places. even the color of the soil is diff at diff places.
What doe experts say?
Ecological factors play a major role in morphological features of the plants. They include edaphic (soil etc) and climatic factors
Perhaps this could be Thunbergia erecta? pl. check.
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Attached are pictures of Thunbergia erecta captured in a cultivated garden in Mumbai in September 2012.
Requested to validate the ID.

efi page on Thunbergia erecta 

I do not know, there is other Thunbergia flowers of which look similar. I do not even know if it can only be Thunbergia.

Images by Sibdas Ghosh (Identified by Satish Pardeshi) (Inserted by J.M.Garg)

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A woody creeper, probably cultivated, grown wild- i.d. requested,
Pingla , Midnapore, WB.
This plant is discussed earlier and is in the efloraofindia database.
it is bushy shrub
Thunbergia erecta.
Commonly planted n gardens

Thunbergia battiscombei
I think this plant is not T erecta nor T battiscombie because in both the species the leaf morphology does not match with the plant in the provided picture. Thunbergia grandiflora has leaf morphology very similar to it, hence I will suggest this name.
please see in the link below the picture of T grandiflora.
The plant may be T. battiscombei and not T. grandiflora for three reasons: the leaves are not cordate at base, flowers are smaller in size and flowers have apurplish tinge.