Thunbergia coccinea ?

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this has become a very exciting and meaningful way to start my day!
Would very much appreciate the usual fantastic help from this group. This garden shrub/flower was growing in the grounds of Tia Bon, Chapramari. Sorry about the blurryness of the photo of the flower.
Tia Bon in Chapramari does not ring a bell ! Im at the forest bunglow quite frequently for birding. How far is TIA BON?
... hey ..., I see it as a tree ... and it reminds me of Barringtonia acutangula tree which has similar pendant inflorescence ... however here the flowers look relatively slightly larger.
I may be off-track.
thank you for response. I googled Barringtonia acutangula and find the flowers very different from the ones in my photo though the leaves roughly look the same to my lay eyes.
I would be interested to know what distinguishes a shrub from a tree. I believe there is continuing debate on this. 
please set aside B. acutangula; ignore it ... I vaguely associated it to your plant. About shrub and tree, each has technical defintions, yet there are some plants which can be best called as a large shrub OR a small tree.
And on the lighter side, I remember our friend ... quote, gist of which is: if you can climb the plant you may call it a tree !!!
just quriosity.
are the hanging flowers of the same plant or is there any creeper gone up?
because the flowers appear from a pap family.
the flowers were hanging from the tree - not a separate creeper.
I think ... is the spiffiest distinction I have heard! One cannot dispute it and it makes eminent common sense.
if so it will be real treat to see such galands hanging from the plant
i use to feel it is seen only in our hindi movies
the hanging inflorescence and the tree in the picture are two diff species. The flowers that i see in the picture belong to a species of Thunbergia. I am not sure what the tree is, may be some species of Ficus
I was just trying to recollect this and as Navendu pointed out this could be some "Thunbergia sp". This could be "Thunbergia coccinea " which i found dominant in NE region.
I looked at Thunbergia coccinea - it is described as a woody climber, but mine was a tree/shrub - unless for lack of climbing space, the stems got concentrated to a thick bark. Is that possible?
The flowers of Thungergia bauhinia look similar to my photo - both in colour and structure.
Would welcome any other ideas/suggestions.
The photo sent by you is a real puzzle to me. I would like to see such plant once. When did you take the photo.? You state it is a Garden plant. In Chapramari, in the protected zone (In the National Park ), where could you find the 'Garden Plant'? Where is Bon Tia? My enquiry is only directed to see the plant once myself.
It would really be nice if you can take a look at this plant. It is entirely possible that I was totally unobservant and the flowers are of a separate creeper and not of the tree.
For Tia Bon drive eastwards from Mal Bazar to Chalsa (10km) and then at the Chalsa Mor drive 2kms towards Lataguri and Tia Bon is on your left. Lataguri is another 20km where we have to go to buy tickets to get into Gorumara park etc.
Eagerly awaiting your confirmation whenever you are able to visit.
In one of my reply i mentioned about "Thunbergia coccinea". Do have a look at these 2 photos. I photographed it at Mizoram. 
The flowers certainly look similar though less dense than in your photos. I had responded to your email as under. It seems more certain now that I am mistaken about the flowers belonging to the tree in my photo, rather than a separate creeper.
A final confirmation would be very welcome - and of course it would be great if ... is able to visit Tia Bon to confirm.