Strobilanthes species- Doddabetta, Ooty
Strobilanthes ¿ species ?
The shrub about 3m high; flower about 4 - 5 cm long, 2 - 2.5 cm across.
at Doddabetta, Ooty on November 17, 2011
... you are great to post this much nice images on account of Acanthaceae fortnight, it may be Strobilanthes zenkeriana T.Anderson, which is reported from Doddabetta (in PF Fyson flora of south indian Hill station)
Interesting plant ..., could this be Strobilanthus foliosus?
Thank you very much ... for suggesting the IDs.
I found botanical painting of Strobilanthes zenkeriana at Plant Illustrations ORG ... the leaves are kind of round rather than elliptical.
At India Nature Watch I found one closeup of Strobilanthus foliosus flowers, and hint of a leaf.
Let me check the descriptions and then come back to this post.
Adding more photos with the hope that it helps in ID. These are cropped versions of the photos already put at the top of this thread.
The oily sheen on the plant (especially seen on the leaves) is the deposit of fuel emission from vehicles.
4 images.

Check for S.ciliatus as well
Many thanks ... for resurfacing this query, seemingly a different Strobilanthes.
Many thanks to ... too for his thoughts. But I am sure this would not be S. ciliatus - which is relatively a small herb/subshrub growing under cover of evergreen forest with very small flowers.