Strobilanthes sabiniana

Strobilanthes sabiniana (Wall. ex Lindl.) Nees, ; in Wall., Pl. As. Rar. 3: 86 (1832). (Syn. Strobilanthes sabiniana var. argentea Nees);

Images by Prashent Awale (Identified by JRI Wood) (Inserted by J.M.Garg) 

Sabine's Strobilanthes;

Flower from Sohra- Cherapunjee: Attachments (2). 8 posts by 6 authors.
Came across this flower in the forest cover of "Sohra-Cherapunjee". Any clue on its ID..
... colour and texture of Strobilanthes ... sheer thought.
Beautiful pix, DSC0096, ... Looks rather like Ruellia, but the spiral structure dissuades me. 
  How many more such aces you have up your sleeve?! ;-)  This one is not going to be easy. How about asking JRI Wood?
This flower has been identified as Strobilanthes sabiniana, a rare Himalayan flower, by JRI Wood, who is a researcher and an authority on Strobilanthes species.
... rarer the flower, greater the joy.

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Strobilanthes sabiniana from Meghalaya
Wonderful !!