Strobilanthes lanatus

Strobilanthes lanatus Nees;

Images by Muthu Karthick, Indentified by Santhosh Kumar (Inserted by J.M.Garg)

Erect shrubs, ca 1 m high; stems tetragonous, densely cottony-tomentose. Leaves opposite, ca 12 x 5 cm, broadly elliptic-ovate, acute or rounded at base, entire at margin, acute or acuminate with a twisted point at apex, coriaceous, glabrous above, sometimes silky when young or rarely when old leaves at base only, soft spreading floccose tawny woolly beneath; lateral nerves 10-13 pairs, parallel, curved upwards, impressed above, slightly raised beneath; petioles tetragonal, 2-5 cm long, dense-tomentose. Inflorescence spikes, axillary or terminal, usually single, rarely branched, uninterrupted, 4-8 cm long, with grey or tawny wool; bracts ovate or lanceolate, acute, ca 1.2 cm long, white-yellow-tomentose outside, glabrous and shining inside; bracteoles linear-oblong, ca 1 cm long, yellow-tomentose outside, glabrous inside. Calyx ca 1.2 cm long, divided ¾ downwards; tube ca 2 mm long; lobes linear, equal, ca 1 cm long, pubescent outside, glabrous and shining dark violet inside. Corolla infundibuliform, ca 3.5 cm long, pale blue; tube faintly curved, ca 7 mm long, gradually widening above, ca 2.8 cm long, 5-lobed; lobes orbicular, acute, ca 4 mm. Stamens 2; filaments ca 1.5 cm long, included, very hairy. Ovary ca 2 mm long, hairy above; style linear, ca 1.3 cm glabrous; stigma oblique. Capsules not reported.
Flowering and fruiting: November-April
Dry hill slopes
Southern Western Ghats (Endemic)
(Attributions- Dr. N Sasidharan (Dr. B P Pal Fellow), Kerala Forest Research Institute, Peechi

Please help me to identify this shrub found in high altitudes of Nilgiris, near montane forests. Is this Strobilanthus sp.?
Height: 1 metre
Leaf: 8 cm long; leathery
Flower: 5cm long
Date: 17 Oct 2012
Place: Mukruti National Park, Nilgiris, TN
Alt: 2400 m asl
Seems to be Strobilanthes lanata (S. gossypina)
what a lovely shrub!!!

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Name: Strobilanthes lanatus Nees
Family: Acanthaceae
Location: Mukruthi NP, Nilgiris
Alt.: 2300 m asl
Date: 14 Oct 2012
Is this ID right?
As per this site the ID is correct :